Fireproofing in El Paso, TX

An increasing numbers of contractors are seeing the benefits of passive fire protection over active protection — sprinkler systems — when constructing a new building. Spray-applied fireproofing systems are always ready to protect the building’s structure and the lives held within. Safety holds a crucial part in today’s commercial construction codes and it makes sense.

You want your buildings to not only have a greater chance of retaining its foundations in event of a fire but it is also important to protect the lives of the people within the building. Spray applied
fireproofing systems are a cost effective and proactive way to meet building codes and insurance requirements. The fireproofing systems offered by Ace provides up to a four hour structural rating to prevent steel from collapsing in event of a fire. Passive fire protection such as spray
applied systems are necessary for new building constructions as an effective way to protect the safety of those inside.

Ace has been fireproofing commercial buildings in El Paso since 2000, we are highly trained in this special application, and offer our extensive expertise. Call us today for more information on this important life safety application system.